Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings Sacramento, CA

Repair defects and gaps in your teeth.

Lady with composite fillingsDr. Jayson Chalmers puts safety first by offering composite fillings (tooth colored) that contain no amalgam/silver materials that may contain mercury. Silver filling materials darken the teeth and over time will corrode. Composite fillings can be used to eliminate tooth decay and restore the integrity and function to a damaged tooth. Composite fillings are made from durable resin and are designed to match your tooth. These fillings virtually disappear when placed into the tooth.

Replace your old amalgam fillings with composite (white) ones.

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to improve your smile, consider the option of replacing your old, amalgam (silver-mercury) fillings with new, composite resin, tooth-colored fillings. Not only are amalgam fillings dark in color, these old fillings have raised health concerns based on the mercury they contain.

No more metal smile.

Chalmers Dental uses only the newest materials that are cosmetically superior and that have been proven safe and strong. We can remove your old fillings and replaced them with new tooth-colored restorations in only one single, short appointment. There is no reason not to enjoy a new, aesthetically restored smile, so visit our office or contact us for a consultation on tooth-colored fillings.

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