Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Sacramento, CA

Treat early and moderate periodontal gum disease.

Laser techniques have created many advances in the dental world. Laser dentistry is a new technology that helps Dr. Chalmers treat you with a high degree of precision and accuracy. Helping you keep your smile for a lifetime is our primary goal. Laser treatment may be a step in reaching that goal.

To achieve a beautiful smile, teeth must line up evenly along the gum line, with just the right amount showing. Now, this sort of gum reshaping can be done using the precision of a laser.

Many times a laser can be used to treat early and moderate periodontal or gum diseases. The laser can selectively remove diseased tissues while leaving healthy tissue untouched! Also, the laser can sterilize the gum pockets as it goes in order to promote optimal healing.

For instance, in the treatment of an aphthous ulcer (canker sore) the laser can shorten the duration and decrease the pain from the lesion.

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