Periodontics Sacramento, CA

Treat periodontal gum disease and gingivitis.

PeriodonticsAccording to the American Dental Association, gingivitis or periodontal disease affects over 70 percent of Americans. Periodontal disease is a chronic infection of the gums, teeth and jawbone caused by bacteria in built-up tartar. It is characterized by bad breath, red, bleeding, swollen gums and can lead to loss of teeth and bone.

To diagnose periodontal disease, a detailed medical history is taken to note any past or present conditions that may contribute to gum disease. The gums are then inspected for redness, inflammation, bleeding and tooth movement. A periodontal screening is recorded using a periodontal probe, which gently measures the depth of the periodontal pocket. Pockets with depths greater than 3mm indicate gum disease

Our practice provides periodontics to treat gingivitis and gum disease in its earliest stage. In this stage of treatment the dental hygienist may use non-surgical methods such as scaling and root planing to control inflammation. To reduce the effect of bacteria on the gum and bone tissue and treat infection Dr. Chalmers may prescribe Arestin® an antibiotic, be placed in the periodontal pockets. A dental laser may also be used. The laser is used to treat diseased, infected, inflamed and decayed soft tissue in the periodontal pocket. The laser controls bleeding and promotes faster healing.

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